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"Smoothies are extremely healthy

- but only if made with real fruit" 

Zelana Montminy

Health & Wellness Reporter @ Pop Sugar 

Chocolate? Peanut Butter? Or Both?

Bluenana Tribe (Peanut Butter Jelly Smoothie)
INGREDIENTS~ Organic Peanut Butter – Blueberries - Bananas
BENEFITS~ Great Post Workout Smoothie

Krazy Koko (A Chocolate / Peanut Butter Smoothie)
INGREDIENTS~ Bananas - Organic Peanut Butter - Cocoa Powder
BENEFITS~ Burns Fat & Lowers Cholesterol & Indulges Your Sweet Tooth

Coco Congo (A Truly Healthy Chocolate Smoothie)
INGREDIENTS~ Raspberries – Bananas - Blueberries & Cocoa Powder
BENEFITS~ Lowers High Blood Pressure & Boosts Brain PowerINGREDIENTS ~ Spinach –

Green & Great Tasting

Spinning Howler (Over ½ pound of spinach inside)  
INGREDIENTS~ Juiced Spinach – Strawberries – Bananas - Pineapples
BENEFITS~ Rich In Antioxidants & Great Pre-Natal Benefits

Green Kango (Over ½ pound of kale inside)
INGREDIENTS~ Juiced Kale – Bananas - Mangos  
BENEFITS~ More Than 100% Of Your Daily Need For Vitamin A,K & C

Utopia (1 pound of spinach & cucumber inside)
INGREDIENTS~ Mangos – Bananas – Kiwis - Juiced Spinach & Cucumber
BENEFITS~ Fights Vision Issues & Arthritis & Increases Red Blood Cells 

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”"

François de La Rochefoucauld

French noble and writer


SIZES: Pygmy 16 oz. | Chimp 20 oz. | Gorilla 24 oz.

PRICE: Pygmy $5.75 | Chimp $6.75 | Gorilla $7.75 

Primal Smoothies Are Great For All Life Brings You

All smoothie recipes are made from organic fruits and vegetables.  
Pre workout smoothies.  Post workout smoothies.  

Smoothies for healthy snacks on the go.

Smoothies for healthy meals for life.

Weight loss smoothies made fresh and made fast for your convenience.

Smoothie recipes that Kids LOVE!!

Primal Smoothies wants to help you reach your health and wellness goals through delicious, healthy smoothie recipes.

San Antonio obesity statistics:

  • ​​     More than 2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese.
  •      About one-third of children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 are considered to be overweight or obese.
  •      More than 1 in 6 children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 are considered to be obese.

Fresh, Fruity & Flavorful

Mangos In The Mist
INGREDIENTS~ Mangos – Raspberries - Peaches or Pineapples Based On Season
BENEFITS~ Fights Stress & Illness

Nana Berry
INGREDIENTS~ Strawberries - Bananas
BENEFITS~ Antioxidant & Immune Builder & Post Work Smoothie

Berry Power
INGREDIENTS~ Strawberries – Raspberries – Blueberries - Blackberries
BENEFITS~ Boosts The Memory & Bone Health & Eyesight

INGREDIENTS~ Cherries - Oranges - Pineapples
BENEFITS~ Healthy Sleep & Lowers Risk Of Stroke & Reduces Belly Fat                  

Healthy Meals Or Healthy Snacks

Morning Sunrise
INGREDIENTS~ Juiced Orange-Raspberries-Bananas-Topped With Cinnamon
BREAKFAST~ The Healthy Breakfast With A Fast Break From Unhealthy

Apple Grip
INGREDIENTS~ Apples – Bananas - Mangos
LUNCH~ Feel Full With This Fulfilling Lunch In Minutes

Alpha Punch
INGREDIENTS~ Pineapple-Blueberry - Blackberry - Strawberry
DINNER~ Sweet Dinner That Helps You Sleep

Primal Colada
INGREDIENTS~ Pineapple – Banana - Coconut Flakes
DESSERT~ Healthy Dessert Or Post Dinner Drink 

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