Primal Packs


(Primal Pack purchases won't expire for 1 calendar year from the purchase date.)

​Bonus For Bunching!

​Save money when you prepay for 10 - 20 - 30 juices at once:​
10 Primal Shots - $15 (
$5 savings!)
20 Primal Shots - $30 (
$10 savings!!)
30 Primal Shots - $45 (
$15 savings!!!)

Start saving now with our Pygmy Size Juices

Prepay for Ten 16oz. Juices - Only pay $70

Prepay for Twenty 16oz. Juices - Only pay $120

Prepay for Thirty 16oz. Juices - Only pay $150

Or save even more with our Gorilla Size Juices

Prepay for Ten 24oz. Juices - Only pay $85

Prepay for Twenty 24oz. Juices - Only pay $150

Prepay for Thirty 24oz. Juices - Only pay $200

Dieting Is Tricky - We Make It Easy:

So, you made the choice to start a juicing diet.  You know that drinking just one juice a day is the equivalent of eating 5-7 POUNDS of vegetables.  You educated yourself on the benefits of organic juicing regularly and now it’s become part of your lifestyle or you’re starting to make it just that.  And you’re probably finding quickly or have learned, that eating healthy regularly costs more than the alternative.  And trying to prepare your own organic juices at home is adding up.  Not just money…your time as well.  Making a healthy juice that’s also delicious is not as easy as following the so called “simple” juicing recipes provided in some of those juicing diet plans.  And preparing a juice detox plan becomes costly and timely.  Let us help you to continue achieving your goals that you set.  Primal Juice and Smoothies can craft your personalized inexpensive juice plan for any situation.  Whether you are an avid juicer, first timer or looking to try a juice detox,...we can help you while make it fun, delicious and affordable.  Try our Primal Packs now to save money, time and frustration.  Let us customize options for you and your lifestyle that will make your diet, detox or day the best it can be.  Call now or come by to discuss with one of our associates.