Primal Juice and Smoothies

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Pure. Delicious. Raw. PRIMAL


 adjective pri·mal \ˈprī-məl\
: very basic and powerful
: essential, fundamental

Chia Seed - Omega 3                                                                                   $.50 per serving

​Cacao - Antioxidant & Stress Relief                                                      $.99 per serving

​Chlorella - Detoxification & Immune Boost                                         $.99 per serving

​​Maca - Amino Acid (Nutty Flavor)                                                            $.99 per serving

​Spirulina Powder - Cognitive Brain Function                                    $.99 per serving

Protien - All Natural Vegan Blend                                                         $1.50 per serving

Baobab - Alertness, Energy, Immune Booster, Re-hydrating               $2.00 per serving 

​(Essential for those with high sodium intake)

All Natural Enhancements To Aid Your Daily Lifestyle

Primal 100% Natural Enhancements

Our organic juices and real fruit smoothies are already full of flavor, nutrition and vitamins.  And when you need an added boost to get going, make sure it's all natural and as healthy as everything else you're putting into your body.  Adding all natural enhancements to your juice or smoothie can be beneficial before a workout, for brain functionality or when needing a shot of immunity during those rare sick days.  Enhancements should be an occasional addition to your juices or meals, not a habitual part of your diet.