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Primal Juice and Smoothies

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Pure. Delicious. Raw. PRIMAL


 adjective pri·mal \ˈprī-məl\
: very basic and powerful
: essential, fundamental

OUR PREMIUM ORGANIC JUICE - The Blazin Tundra - Pygmy (16oz.) $12

Benefits: Fights the effects of aging, Improves skin and eye health, Prevents the onset of disease, And actually boosts your metabolism! 

Ingredients: Green Apples, Cucumbers, Pineapples, Lemon, Raspberries, Kale, Turmeric, Baobab, & Jalapeno!!

The Blazin Tundra is more than just the perfect juice, it's an experience.  Watch our video and come share the experience that has everyone talking.  

‘Bout That Beet Life

INGREDIENTS ~ Beet – Apple – Orange – Lemon - Kale - Ginger
BENEFITS ~ Increase Stamina & Endurance & Provide Slow Acting Energy 

Beet Life
INGREDIENTS ~ Beet – Celery – Orange - Ginger
BENEFITS ~ Rich In Antioxidants & Boosts Immunity & Detoxifies

Beet Around The Bush
INGREDIENTS ~ Beet – Grape – Watermelon - Carrot
BENEFITS ~Lower Blood Pressure & Improve Blood Flow & Pre-Natal Juice 

Our Primal organic juice recipes are crafted daily with raw vegetables and fresh fruits blended to create a delicious organic juice that makes the perfect low calorie meal or an ultra fast health snack on the go.  Did you know that raw juice begins to lose nutrients and vitamins within minutes of being extracted?  We blend our organic juices fresh upon ordering.  Fresh and fast every time.  You can choose to pop in, call ahead or order online, or even use our free delivery service and we'll come to you.  If you're buying your green juice pre-bottled or where you go now doesn't offer the opportunity to craft your own organic juice the way you enjoy it, then give us a shot.  We open early and close late providing you a healthy meal or snack alternative that's still fast.  See below for our current juice recipes and never be afraid to let us help you create your own.  

Pure.Delicious.Raw.  PRIMAL

Green & Great Tasting

Nature’s Warrior
INGREDIENTS ~ Spinach – Cucumber – Apple – Pineapple - Lemon - Ginger - Celery
BENEFITS ~ Amazing Antioxidant & Over 100% of Many Daily Vitamins & Flavorful
Kale Yeah
INGREDIENTS ~ Kale – Kiwi – Apple – Lemon
BENEFITS ~ Weight Loss & Memory Booster

INGREDIENTS ~ Kale – Spinach - Pineapple - Cucumber  
BENEFITS ~ Lowers Blood Pressure & Builds Heart Health

24 Carrot Magic In The Air

Primal Quench
INGREDIENTS ~ Orange – Carrot -- Apple - Celery
BENEFITS ~ High Source of Antioxidants & Rehydration Juice

Rainforest Rush
INGREDIENTS ~ Carrot – Apple – Pineapple -- Mango  
BENEFITS~ Protects Brain Health & Cognitive Function
Raw Fuel
INGREDIENTS ~ Apple – Cucumber – Carrot – Spinach -- Turmeric
BENEFITS ~Boosts Skin Health & Heals Wounds & Is An Anti-inflammatory


Earth’s Flavorful Garden

Mount St. Melon
INGREDIENTS ~ Watermelon – Pineapple – Lemon – Ginger - Mint
BENEFITS ~ Relieves Nausea & Fatigue & Depression
Jungle Garden
INGREDIENTS ~ Apple – Lemon – Spinach – Kale - Parsley
BENEFITS ~ Natural Detoxifier & Immunity Booster

Tropical Tide
INGREDIENTS ~ Grapefruit – Carrot – Mango – Ginger
BENEFITS ~ Natural Fat Burner & Metabolic Booster

Orange Aborigine
INGREDIENTS ~ Orange – Apple – Pineapple – Mango - Ginger
BENEFITS ~ Reduces Inflammation & Cholesterol & Heart Disease


SIZES - Pygmy 16oz. | $8.00   A perfect snack or quick meal to go

Gorilla 24oz. | Only $2 More – A full breakfast | lunch | or dinner