The basics about the “Juice Cleanse”
A juice cleanse is a period of time where you replace your meals with fresh pressed or squeezed juices. It allows you to give your body a break from digesting normal non-liquid food sources. A juice cleanse detoxifies your body from substances that create exhaustion, indigestion, fatigue, inflammation, weight issues, skin problems, and allergies. Due to the diets many of us live by, our bodies are full of processed foods, salt, sugar and artificial ingredients. On a juice cleanse, your body is given the opportunity to rest and reset. While your body is resting, it is being provided nutrients and vitamins it needs for healthy living. A good juice cleanse is like pushing the reset button on your body, but it is a process to get the full benefits of the cleanse.

How Long Does a Juice Cleanse Take?
The answer can vary. One or two days can help you get back on track if you had an overindulgent weekend or after holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Three or four days is great for a first time cleanse or could be optimal someone wanting to start a healthy lifestyle.  It is best to start juicing for a few days to get your body used to what you are doing. Once you start, your body will crave the juice. It knows how to process the fresh healthy juice, and you will feel healthier. Many people experience increased energy as a result of the juice cleanse. Our hope is that your positive experience will energize you to make juicing a habit. 

Our Prepaid Primal Pack Program
Prepay for 10 - 20 - 30 Juices and save. If you're committed to a juicing lifestyle, this is our best option. Order your juices and have them made fresh and ready when you want them. Start your detox program, or simply have 1 of our fresh juices ready whenever you are. The freshest juice at the best price.

How Often Should You Do a Juice Cleanse?
It is best to do a three day juice cleanse when you feel your eating habits need to be cleansed. If you are feeling lethargic, bloated, or not like yourself, it's a good indicator that you should do a cleanse. Some people do a cleanse every Monday to reset their body from the weekend. Others do a longer cleanse when the seasons change, or even once a year. Be in tune with your own body and what you feel is best based on how you feel.

First Time Or Need Help With The Cleanse?
Please allow our experts at Primal Juice & Smoothies guide you and assist you in the process.  We can help to make your juice cleanse simple, beneficial and even affordable.  Whether you want as little as 1 juice or 100, we can help you.  

What Is A Juice Cleanse? Juice Detox? Primal Pack?