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Primal Juice and Smoothies

9703 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX  78250


Pure. Delicious. Raw. PRIMAL


 adjective pri·mal \ˈprī-məl\
: very basic and powerful
: essential, fundamental

Specializing in: Raw Juices - Green Juices - Natural Juices - Organic Juices San Antonio

Organic crops are grown in healthy, biologically active soils.  While dozens of labels promise undefined and unverified benefits, the organic label stands apart in what people need. Primal Juice and Smoothies is one of the newest juice bars in San Antonio.  Our raw juices contain all natural, organic fruits and vegetables.  We believe that getting your daily nutrition does not have to taste bad, become expensive, or be a chore for you to accomplish.  Try one of our organic juices and you'll be convinced San Antonio.

Specializing in: Real Fruit Smoothies - Weight Loss Smoothies - Child Smoothies - Healthy Smoothies San Antonio

At Primal Juice and Smoothies, we believe that a healthy diet can be a lot of fun.  We take Organic fruits and even raw vegetables at times, and craft a healthy smoothie that is as delicious as those filled with sugar and artificial enhancements.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, grab a meal on the go or feed the kids a healthy meal, you can accomplish all that with one of our many healthy smoothie recipes. Just stop by, call ahead in a hurry or let us deliver it to you for free our local San Antonio community.

Primal Juice & Smoothies | San Antonio, TX

We offer a healthy, delicious, and fast option to local San Antonians making an effort to lose weight, prevent illness, or simply strengthen immunity levels.  Our experts are able to guide beginners, juicers, or those re-joining a healthy lifestyle.  Our organic juices &  smoothies are designed specifically to maximize (not only health) but taste as well.  Not only are these healthy meals & quick snacks delicious, they are at the most affordable option you'll find with the best quality in San Antonio.  At Primal Juice and Smoothies, we make every juice or smoothie fresh, so you can choose from our menu, or be your own juice-ologist by creating a flavor all your own.  We offer call ahead service, multi pack discounts, regular juice-ology classes, FREE WI-FI, fun atmosphere, FREE events & FREE delivery.  Why were we voted the best Juice and Smoothie shop in San Antonio by Express News Readers this year?  Simple, all products embody 4 key attributes that we will not concede.  Everything we produce must be: